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Our BMW type club of the 3series type E36 and E46 is the only recognized club worldwide.

We are based in Germany but your membership is also valid if you are from Argentina, Ecuador, Canada, Turkey, Egypt, Kenia, South-Africa, Thailand, South-Korea or Philippines.

Our club can support you if you like to create your nationwide E36/E46 club and you will be linked to us as your "mother club".

You have got further questions?

Don´t hesitate to ask.

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We are international


What could be better than to share your enthusiasm for the E36 and E46 type with other connoisseurs and become a large, passionate team?

We are the youngest BMW Classic and Type Club and were founded in 2010, exactly in the year in which the E36 became a so called "youngtimer" (20 years since its market launch). Our club has officially integrated the type E46 in 2018 (also 20 years after its market launch). That's why our club has been converted to BMW 3 Series Club E36 / E46 e.V.

Our club has set itself the goal of uniting enthusiasts of these BMW types in order to work together for the support, maintenance and availability of spare parts at BMW Group and in the public. Here we focus on keeping the vehicles in their original condition. It is important for the members to achieve a certain degree of homogeneity and comparability between our vehicles.

This is also important because only vehicles in original condition and preservation can be recognised as "Oldtimers" by the German national testing and inspection organisations after 30 years. We are a real BMW club, democratic, apolitical and non-profit. The BMW 3 Series Club E36 / E46 e.V. is a member of the "International BMW Classic and Type Clubs Section" in the "International Council of BMW Clubs".

Only members of the international organisation of BMW Clubs have the right to use the name BMW as a word mark and the BMW Logo. The club organisation and the affiliated BMW clubs are supported by the BMW Group. In this team of BMW Clubs we are part of 700 clubs worldwide with over 200.000 members. Further information can also be found at

We invite all those who share our visions, rules and values to join our club to preserve and conserve our great BMW cars. Please read the various sections and offers for participation in our events, fairs and driving days to become part of our team.


strong together

Together in the community of same minded enthusiasts, we can achieve more for the preservation of the BMW E36 and E46.

And of course it makes much more fun to drive through the weekend with some goods friends from our club, which have the same ambition to keep their cars in original conditions in which the left the BMW plant.


Practical and theoretical support all around the cars and through our internet forum and between the members.

price discount

If you buy the spare parts at you local BMW car dealer, you can get a 10 % discount on all original parts from the original BMW parts and pieces.

spare parts

Our network support the definition and purchase of the right and original spare parts .

buy or sell

Are you looking for an 3series in original condition? We can give tipps and advises based on our experience since 2010 to all club member.